On 10th October every year, the World Health Organisation recognises World Mental Health Day.

We caught up with our Wellbeing Champions from across Populus group, for their personal recommendations on ways to look out for your own mental health.


Victoria, Associate Director, BrandCap

For me, maintaining mental health is all about getting outside – be that escaping the office for a few minutes for some fresh air, taking my dog for a walk or literally hitting away the stress by playing tennis.

I love Elizabeth Day’s podcast and book – ‘How to Fail’. It’s a brilliant reminder on how to cope when things (inevitably sometimes!) go wrong in life, and how to build resilience.


Amelia, Associate Director, Populus

Since my teens I have been prone to panic attacks, which are not only distressing, but also quite disruptive and exhausting. The ‘breathe’ exercise on the Calm app is an absolute lifesaver for me – it helps me focus my attention on my breathing and brings my breath back to a normal rate. It’s also a really useful tool for when I’m nervous or struggling to concentrate.¬† There is a simplified version of the breathing exercise on the website: https://www.calm.com/breathe

In the last month we’ve started to build a Wellbeing Library in the office. We’ve already got a number of books and we’re growing our collection fast. The Wellbeing Library can be found on the third floor, on the bookcase behind where the sofas used to be.

Chloe, Senior Research Executive, Populus

Reading for me is a really important way of shutting off, especially if I’m feeling stressed or anxious. Even if it’s 10 minutes on the train home, it makes a huge difference. I’ve just finished reading ‘My Name is Why’ which I would highly recommend!

This week I noticed the NHS has launched a new free resource called Every Mind Matters. It’s a helpful resource for anyone looking for some extra support, or just if you want to try and pay more attention to your mental health. You can find all the information here: https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/

Mark, Assistant Accountant, Populus

My recommendation for looking after your wellbeing – see family! I know everyone gets busy but seeing family is a chance to catch up and be present with your loved ones. I get busy with work, study or private life so I know what it’s like to let that slip. But seeing my family a lot keeps me happy! I’ve also just become an uncle, so if I have ever wanted an excuse to catch up with my family, my baby niece is the best excuse!


Sacha, Office Manager, Populus

Spending time with my daughter and my cat Nala at the end of the day is my chance to unwind and think about my wellbeing. Every day without fail Nala waits on the bathroom mat while I take off my shoes for a tummy rub, and then runs around the flat like a loon!


Andy, Senior Data Processor, Populus Data Solutions

To look after my wellbeing at work I try to make a point of getting out of the office at lunch time to clear my head and mentally freshen up for the afternoon. I also enjoy an after work fast-paced spinning class, to refresh both my mind and legs.