Trust is vital for all industries, but nowhere more so than in the charitable sector.

Donors to charities must trust their chosen organisation to fairly, responsibly and efficiently distribute their hard earned cash to the cause that matters most to them. Any breach or misuse of funds breaks this bond of trust and impacts not only the individual charity, but endangers the entire sector.

The real monetary impact of losing trust should not be underestimated and has a direct impact on someone’s propensity to give to charity. Florence Douglas, Research Manager at Populus, explores the ways in which charities can use digital to build trust among donors.

Florence Douglas

Florence is Research Manager at Populus, having joined in 2016. She has worked on a range of projects involving ad and brand trackers, event testing, new product development, product trials and usage and attitude testing. She particularly enjoys delivering projects that help clients overcome the challenges presented by changes in the law and new regulations. She holds a degree from the University of Sheffield and an MSt from the University of Oxford, both in Classical Archaeology.