The 29th of March is edging closer and a Brexit deal is yet to be firmly agreed by Parliament. Week after week, the public are paying attention to Brexit in the news. Google Trends shows that there has been a gradual rise in interest around no-deal Brexit. There was a sharp rise in the number of no-deal Brexit google searches in the UK around December, following the first rejection of Prime Minister May’s Brexit Deal in Parliament.

Google Trends, ‘No-Deal Brexit’ searches over the past 12 months, February 2019.

Populus research, commissioned by Which?, reveals the rising public concerns and dissatisfaction around a no-deal Brexit.

Three in five people (61%) say they are dissatisfied with government preparation for a no-deal scenario

Populus surveyed 2,082 UK adults online between 16th and 17th January and found that only 1 in 10 are satisfied with the Government’s no-deal Brexit preparation.

In addition to the high levels of dissatisfaction with the government’s preparation for a no-deal scenario, many report not being aware of how the government is preparing or not being aware of any advice that the government had issued around no-deal.

There is evident dissatisfaction amongst the UK public not only towards preparation but also communication around no-deal. The majority, 76%, of the UK public are unaware of any advice published by the UK government that provides information of the impact of a no-deal Brexit. 59% of the public feel that a no-deal Brexit would have a negative impact on consumers, with the figure rising for 18-24 year olds to 65%.

The impact of Brexit on consumers

The Which? Brexit Tracker is a nationally representative online survey that Populus provides the data for every three months. The Brexit Tracker captures consumer perspectives towards leaving the European Union.

Which? published an article exploring the specific impacts that no-deal Brexit would have on consumers’ holiday plans. New government advice is that fifteen months passport validity would be required.

For more information on how Brexit can impact consumer rights, visit Which?’s advice page.

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