January has arrived and in between going back to work, beating those January blues, and making New Years Resolutions, we are also finding the time to return those unwanted gifts that we received over the Christmas period.

Many of those gifts purchased in 2018 were done so online, increasingly so, people are choosing to not do their Christmas shopping in store which has potentially contributed to a loss of in-store sales. Many retailers reported their losses over the Christmas period in early January, especially around a fall in sales in stores.

Which? commissioned Populus to carry out a survey around online Christmas shopping experiences, and 90% of those we asked bought at least one thing online, while 51% had 5 or more items delivered over the Christmas period.

The majority (58%) of those who did shop online and had a delivery at Christmas experienced a problem. The most common issues were the deliveries arriving too early (29%) or too late (19%). A quarter of people who shopped online found that at least one of their parcels failed to turn up!

It appears that the online shopping experience is far from perfect. Only a third (32%) of people reported all of their deliveries going to plan. One in five (20%) respondents told us their package was left in an unsafe or inappropriate place. So, our online shopping experiences, similar to our in-store experiences, are not perfect either.

Which? advises for those consumers who do face delivery issues, they do have consumer rights and should contact the retailer as soon as possible. Read more here.