Populus conducted research on behalf of Which? who published a full report on the consumer impacts of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Read the full report here.

Prime Minister Theresa May announced this week that good progress was being made on Brexit at Brussels summit. Despite this, fears of a no-deal Brexit are still present and have recently been rising. Google Trends show that there has been a significant rise following this summer in the number of searches in the UK for ‘No-Deal Brexit’.

Google Trends, ‘No-Deal Brexit’, October 2018.


No-Deal Impact on Food

Populus finds that consumer concerns around a no-deal Brexit are high and there are fears it could result various negative impacts. The majority of consumers are specifically worried about the impact on food. The majority (76%) of people thought it was likely a no-deal Brexit would lead to higher prices for food and other items and 61% expected disruption to food supplies because of hold-ups at the

No-Deal Impact on Holidays

This concern regarding the impact of a no-deal Brexit also carries over to holidays. The majority of respondents were worried about travel, 57% believed there would be some flight restrictions and 75% thought that there would be delays at the border for travellers. Furthermore, 70% of respondents believed it would be more difficult to rely on protections in a European country if travel companies collapsed following a no-deal Brexit.

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Populus surveyed 2.056 UK adults online between August 3-5 and 2,100 UK adults online between 19-20 September. View the full data tables here: