“75% of today’s S&P 500 companies will be replaced by 2027”

– Ragy Thomas, Founder and CEO at Sprinklr

All categories will face the threat from disrupters at some point. How brands respond is often what dictates whether they survive, or not.

When disruptors do arrive, brands need:

A closer look at disruptors, and the brands that outlived them, sheds light on the tools and approaches required for survival.

What can the disruptors of history tell us? And what can we learn from the brands that survived to tell the tale?

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Download and read the full piece on Disruption by Populus’s Director of Brand Research Hamish Asser here.

Hamish Asser

Hamish joined Populus in January 2017 to lead the growing brand and comms team within our Business and Consumer Insight Division. Driven by his desire to know exactly what attracts consumers to brands, Hamish has gained a wealth of brand research experience, delivering projects for the likes of GSK, Paddy Power, Twinings and Nissan at some of the world’s most established agencies. Hamish also has an exceptional track record for developing and implementing new research approaches having originated SPA Future Thinking’s brand equity  offering BrandBox, and subsequently acting as regional lead for Millward Brown’s brand equity database BrandZ. In his role as Director of Brand & Comms Research at Populus, Hamish is responsible for managing key accounts and developing Populus’s own tools for assessing the way that people feel about brands and improving brand performance.