Populus Limited and Gorilla In The Room Limited are proud to announce the launch of its new Virtual Reality (VR) panel, in conjunction with Populus Data Solutions (part of Populus Group) which has now been used in an in-store environment.

Populus Data Solutions won the 2017 MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution, for an unprecedented third year running, as a result of the industry-leading study. The full case study can be found here.

It is fitting that market research, a sector absorbed in the patterns of human behaviour, would embrace a technology which offers insight derived from live, real-world experience.

Instead of asking respondents to imagine a scene or state their intent, VR encourages respondents to live and breathe the encounter.

From the comfort of their own homes, respondents can browse shop fronts or compare in-store displays. For market research, this approach provides a far more accurate portrayal than if the concepts were tested in isolation, particularly for awareness and clarity.

Populus Limited’s VR panel, powered by Gorilla In The Room technology, offers respondents a wholly immersive way to participate, closely emulating the real world. It can fully mimic the experience of a busy in-store environment, giving clients clear direction.

It’s been confirmed to be practical within quant research while producing meaningful insight. It also shows high engagement rates, with respondents offering highly positive reactions to VR stimulus.

The challenge for consumer research has always been to predict consumer behaviour; the Virtual Reality panel is an innovative, cost-effective way of doing this with real-world experience. Populus unlocks the Critical Knowledge that brands need to better understand the world around us. We add value to our findings by applying expert analysis to uncover clear, actionable insight. Find out more by calling 020 7253 9900 or emailing info@populus.co.uk. 

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