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Thames Water

The challenge

Thames Water, the UK’s largest water company, wanted to understand their customers in greater depth in order to inform their pricing and corporate strategy. In their largest scale communications research project to date, Thames Water engaged Populus to carry out a detailed analysis of their customers.

The solution

Populus carried out extensive research through 17 qualitative focus groups and 8 in-depth interviews followed by 2,052 online interviews. The subsequent results allowed Populus to identify segments of four different types of customers according to prevalent attitudes. Rather than grouping respondents according to age or gender, Populus established this robust customer segmentation model to provide Thames Water with actionable recommendations to improve their engagement with the people that mattered most to them.

Populus’s segmentation exercise helped the company to improve their understanding of their customers. Based on the customer segmentation research, Thames Water tailors communications, targets research and improves messaging to customers in order to adapt to specific groups of customers and further develop their business.

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