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The challenge

Heathrow Airport is at the heart of the public policy debate about the future of air travel as well as being a major employer and part of the community in South-West London. The airport wanted to understand the concerns and opinions of local residents and to have an authoritative voice in the national policy debate.

The solution

Populus designed a programme of consultation and research to help the airport engage with and understand the people, issues and attitudes within the local community. We conducted telephone interviews of a representative sample of 6,000 residents across six constituencies in close proximity to Heathrow. The poll measured perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the airport and helped to understand the strength and nature of attitudes towards its potential expansion.

Based on Populus’s research, Heathrow designed and implemented a community campaign to provide a voice for the residents who support the airport. As the client put it: “The results of the polling has prompted Heathrow to announce that it will provide seed funding for a new community campaign to provide a voice for the thousands of local people who support Heathrow.”

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