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Defence Sector

The challenge

One of Britain’s leading defence manufacturers wanted to understand and assess their reputation amongst parliamentary stakeholders in order to inform their communications and engagement strategy for the year ahead. Having tracked their reputation for a number of years using off-the-shelf syndicated studies, the company turned to Populus to provide a greater level of insight without losing the comparable tracking data they had built up over the years.

The solution

Populus adopted a two-stage approach to this work.

Firstly, we used our proprietary MP Panel to survey the views of more than 100 MPs from across the House of Commons. This served to gauge opinions about the company and its communications strategy, as well as to maintain and build on the historic tracking data for the purposes of on-going comparison.

We then augmented this wide-ranging research with a series of 25 detailed depth interviews among the stakeholders that mattered most to the business. These were individuals with a specialist interest in the sector or a constituency interest in the company as a whole.

Populus delivered a comprehensive reputation audit for the company, complete with recommendations and guidance that was used to inform their communications and engagement planning for 2013-14. Our report identified the strength of the business’s reputation among this critical audience, the key drivers of that reputation, and the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead.  We were subsequently invited to present our findings and recommendations at Board level after the initial report had been provided to the client.

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