The UK government has tasked energy suppliers with the installation of 50 million smart meters in 30 million homes across England, Wales and Scotland by 2020.

The smart grid was devised to solve many of the UK’s problems with energy. It’s been designed to help better match supply and demand, and to deliver a more efficient, greener and less wasteful provision of energy.

As one of the big 6 energy companies, EDF Energy are playing their part in the management of the smart meter installation process.

The challenge

EDF Energy turned to Populus to conduct ongoing customer experience tracking. They wanted to ensure a consistently good customer experience across all channels and contractors, and to make sure that all installations were fully compliant with all the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) requirements. They also needed to provide actionable insights to optimise customer experience and drive efficiencies.

What we did

Since June 2015, Populus continuously interviews a robust sample of EDF Energy customers every month. We also collect feedback via postal cards and qualitative interviews.

The results

This gave EDF Energy a direct view on customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. In addition to tracking customer satisfaction with various elements of the installation process, Populus was able to: