The Premier League wanted to gain a detailed understanding of the attitudes of football supporters and key stakeholders towards the Premier League, its clubs and the regulatory and other challenges facing the League both in the UK and in major overseas markets where top flight English football matches are broadcast.

The solution

Populus now undertakes regular tracking of supporters’ attitudes, including an annual survey of club supporters. In addition Populus has conducted research among hard to reach groups and those who are less likely to attend Premier League matches to identify the drivers of opinion towards the League.

Populus’s research among stakeholders has helped the Premier League gain a better understanding of attitudes towards – among other issues – sponsorship, intellectual property and television rights as well as football issues.

Populus has also conducted quantitative research on how the Premier League engages with its audience overseas to ascertain the driving factors behind its popularity.


Download the full British Icon Index II here

Populus’s on-going research programme has helped the Premier League maintain its position as the world’s most watched and lucrative club competition, with a strong reputation for community inclusivity and changing the face of English football.