“Populus’s research allowed us to make informed decisions which have directly benefited the business; allowing us to deliver live events in a new way.

Since launching, we have been able to deliver 400 hours of new sport content, across 20 different sports, attracting 3.8 million stream starts.

The research has had a profoundly positive impact on the business and has made a big difference to the provision of live events coverage. Working with Populus was seamless; the team are efficient, reliable and expert at what they do.”

 Thaddeus Varey, Research Manager, BBC Sport & 5 Live

As a direct result of the research, BBC Sport launched the Live Events Service (BBC Sport Live) as a Platform.

Since launching, BBC Sport Live has achieved:

The challenge

BBC Sport wanted to build a website to broadcast sports and leagues’ sporting events via a live video or audio stream. They wanted to give viewers the chance to watch shows and sporting events not previously shown on prime time terrestrial TV while attracting bigger audiences to existing events.

BBC Sport first needed to understand not only the appetite for such a digital platform, but also what existing audience needs were; how to meet those expectations, how content should be made available, the scope of the opportunity and which sporting events would have the highest demand.

What we did

BBC Sport commissioned Populus to carry out research. Populus set out on a two-staged approach, carrying out both quantitative and qualitative research. This ensured both a robust and national sample size but also the opportunity to explore and develop hypotheses.

The result

The research showed that:

BBC Sport received the assurance that there was sufficient appetite for the BBC Sports Live, showing that the BBC was justified in launching it.

The service was seen as unique in having an exclusive pool of sports at no additional cost, revealing opportunity to differentiate from BT Sport and Sky sport’s more mainstream, paid-for content.