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Populus was formed with a simple idea in mind: in order
to succeed, organisations, businesses and brands must first understand what matters most to the people who matter
most to them.

Reputation & Strategy   |   July 18

Majority of MPs support the legalisation of cannabis for medical use

Medical cannabis is to be available on prescription in the UK after being approved for use by the government. Populus research conducted earlier this year shows that the majority of MPs (61%) support the legalisation of cannabis for medical use only.

Reputation & Strategy   |   June 18

FTSE commitment to responsible business must avoid perception of 'greenwashing'

Populus analysis has found that 85% of FTSE 100 businesses explicitly refer to sustainability, corporate responsibility or similar issues on the front page of their corporate websites. Populus's Owen Thomas explores the growing importance, challenges and rewards of implementing a CSR strategy.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   June 18

Implicit response testing shows public views of chocolate brands

Populus research into the confectionery sector offers a case study of our award-winning implicit response testing methodology. Find out more about both the principles and their applications.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   May 18

What do customers want from an energy provider?

Populus's Gary Muncaster spoke at Utility Week Live in May 2018 on the key expectations customers have of their energy supplier in the context of an industry in which expectations are ever higher, and trust in the sector is low. This summary of some of our findings shows how providers can adapt to keep up with changing needs.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Sep 18

Waste not, want not: Saving energy in a smart future

Most of the UK public is concerned with saving energy. New research shows that the majority of long-term smart meter owners are continuing to look for new ways to save energy, even after a year or more of ownership. Populus's Florence Douglas explores the impact of smart meters on energy saving.

Populus Perspective   |   Sep 18

August 2018 in the news and on social media

Populus's monthly round up of the biggest stories in the news and on social media finds that, while Brexit and Trump dominate, results days and the return of the Premier League also made a splash.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Sep 18

Most noticed business news stories in August 2018

House of Fraser was the most noticed business news story of August 2018. Populus's Max McEwan and David Racadio assess the retailer's prospects under the stewardship of Sports Direct and Mike Ashley, as well as taking a look at the retail sector as a whole.

Populus Perspective   |   Sep 18

Labour’s antisemitism row hasn’t broken through with the public

While the antisemitism row enveloping the Labour party was widely reported on throughout August, it has never been mentioned by more than 5% of our respondents in any given week. Will Clothier examines what it takes for a news story to have an impact on the public.

Omnibus   |   Aug 18

Wi-Fi is the way for airlines to get ahead, according to Populus research

According to Populus research, more than three quarters of respondents (78%) say that Wi-Fi is fundamental to daily life. Our findings suggest that airlines that accommodate for the public's growing obsession with Wi-Fi connectivity, stand to get ahead of the competition.

Omnibus   |   Aug 18

Future care needs: Are We Sitting on a Time-Bomb?

Populus finds that only 12% of adults aged 55 or over have put aside money for future care needs. We explore the perceived problems with the social care system, as well as the sources of information and advice consulted by the public regarding care and support options.

Omnibus   |   Aug 18

The State of Cancer: Public Attitudes and Beliefs towards Britain’s Biggest Killer

Cancer is the leading cause of death among every age group in the UK. However, better treatments and earlier diagnosis offer cause for optimism - though much remains to be done. Populus research on behalf of Incisive Health explores the public's relationship with and attitudes to cancer, including how they respond to potential symptoms, and the quality of treatment and care available on the NHS.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Aug 18

Wonga’s reputation represents a very real threat to future success

Wonga's shareholders had to provide an emergency £10 million to help fund compensation claims. Populus research shows why Wonga's continued poor performance should not come as a surprise: its Reputation Credit Score was the lowest of all companies measured. Populus director Owen Thomas looks at Wonga's prospects of saving itself from its own reputation.

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