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Populus was formed with a simple idea in mind: in order
to succeed, organisations, businesses and brands must first understand what matters most to the people who matter
most to them.

Populus Perspective   |   November 18

Exploring the rise of the public's attention to Brexit

The majority of the UK public (72%) cite Brexit as this week's top most noticed news story - a record high for the topic in 2018. Populus looks back at the rise of public awareness of Brexit in 2018.

Omnibus   |   November 18

Young people more likely to use healthy coping mechanisms at Christmas

Christmas can be an overwhelming time for many. Populus found that respondents in the 18-24 age group were more likely to use healthy coping mechanisms such as reaching out to friends and family.

Populus Perspective   |   November 18

What are MPs' views on responsible business?

When asked what were the most important features, behaviours and commitments for a responsible business to demonstrate, most MPs named features connected with employment conditions and treatment of employees, according to new research by Populus.

Populus Perspective   |   Dec 18

Top Most Noticed Stories of 2018

Every week Populus tracks the news stories that catch the public's attention. As the year comes to a close, Populus takes a look back at the most noticed news stories of 2018.

Populus Perspective   |   Dec 18

Brexit tops the news agenda - but it doesn't mean people are interested

Brexit has become the most noticed news story of the year, with much of the country attuned to the action week by week. Last week, in a record high for the year, when 72 per cent said that Brexit was their most noticed story. That doesn’t mean, though, that people are enthused by or even interested in the subject.

Populus Perspective   |   Nov 18

Populus research reveals critical attitudes toward Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

New Populus research published today has revealed widespread critical attitudes among the UK public towards Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, with fears of over-spending, online scams and stress putting people off.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Nov 18

Is your high street healthy?

As online shopping places an increasing pressure on our high street shops, Populus surveyed perceptions, for RSPH, around what people think the ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ outlets are on our high streets.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Nov 18

Populus research unveils global perceptions of teaching

The Varkey Foundation commissioned Populus to carry out research for their Global Teacher Status Index 2018 across 35 countries. The research suggests that teacher status is rising globally.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Nov 18

Populus explores public perceptions on cannabis

Volteface and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis commissioned Populus to find out more about public perceptions on cannabis. From the 1st November clinicians will be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis here in the UK.

Populus Perspective   |   Oct 18

Brexit is the most noticed news story for nine weeks in a row

The public may say they are bored of Brexit but they are also paying more attention to it now than ever. This month Brexit became the most noticed news story for a record nine consecutive weeks — the longest period of sustained attention since the referendum.

Omnibus   |   Oct 18

Deal or no-deal? Populus explores what consumers think the impact of no-deal Brexit will be.

Populus conducted research on behalf of Which? who published a full report on the consumer impacts of a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Public interest and fears around Brexit appear to be rising.

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