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The most noticed business news stories in September

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In September, long running business stories including the sad demise of BHS and the continuing problems at Sports Direct are again recalled by Britons. However, the biggest business story of the month belongs to Apple.

The real impact of online product reviews on consumer behaviour

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Are consumers influenced by online reviews? Do reviews have the power to make or break product sales? Our latest consumer study reveals what retailers can be doing to harness the power of customer feedback.

Promotions and new starters at Populus

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We are delighted to announce a number of promotions across our research teams.

Populus Data Solutions’ passion for innovation wins them the MRS Operations Award 2016 for Best Data Solution

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Populus is delighted to announce that our fantastic fieldwork and data collection partner Populus Data Solutions has picked up the MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution for the second year running.

Why Brexit is a watershed for business

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Featured in this month’s PR Week, Populus Managing Director Rick Nye argues that the level of public anger at big businesses failing to put their house in order helped to drive Brexit.

The most noticed business news stories in August

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With many enjoying their summer holiday and tuning into the Rio Olympics, only a quarter of the population is able to recall any individual business in the news this month. However, for those that can recall any business news the saga of BHS’s collapse is top of mind.

Business Top Ten Most Noticed – July 2016

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Populus’s reputation expert David Racadio discusses why Brexit isn’t an excuse for poor business performance just yet, and what Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley needs to do if he’s ever going to recover from his recent “reputational mauling”. 

The Populus EU referendum result prediction model

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Populus analytics team developed a tool to help clients get a clear picture of the overall national result earlier than media projections. Our model predicted that Leave was likely to win by around 2am.

The EU referendum and the wisdom of crowds

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Andrew Cooper discusses the possibility that a random sample of voters can predict the outcome of elections as well as, or better, than traditional polls.

Thoughts on Brexit

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The Brexit vote is history. A closed or open Britain is the defining battle now, says Populus co-founder Andrew Cooper.

Business Top Ten Most Noticed – June 2016

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In a month dominated by EU referendum news, few business stories break into the consciousness of the UK population.

Final referendum poll

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At noon on the day of the EU referendum, Populus released a prediction poll. Strikingly this showed a slightly larger lead than any other published poll – and therefore turned out to be furthest from the result.

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