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Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Populus research paves the way for Liverpool FC’s new supporter engagement process

In the week Liverpool took an important step towards further competitive honours by securing Champions League football next season, the Club also launched a new supporter engagement model based on Populus research.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Growing engagement with the general election

Our ongoing campaign tracker, which reveals the policies, speeches, slogans and campaign events that the public have noticed, shows gradually growing engagement with the General Election.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

"For the many, not the few": The Labour Party manifesto and the attitudes that lie behind it

Populus delves into the attitudes behind the Labour party manifesto announced on Wednesday, drawing upon recent research to analyse Labour and its relationship with big business.

Populus Perspective   |   May 17

Public views on party leaders

In just over three weeks the UK will go to the polls at the snap General Election. How does the UK public view party leaders? New Populus research reveals who is seen as 'up to the job' and who is 'out of their depth'.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

The role of reputation when your brand comes under the spotlight

Big brands tackling sensitive issues will always be taking a risk, but does that mean they shouldn’t try? Populus's corporate reputation expert Ben Lloyd looks at the fall-out from the latest McDonald's advert and what it means for corporate reputation.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Have Macron and Marine redrawn France's political map?

A little over a year ago, En Marche didn’t exist - and many French people didn’t even know who Emmanuel Macron was. Now, he is president. What does this mean for French politics? Studying the polling data can't answer all of these questions, but it can certainly answer many of them.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Populus research finds older generations walking more than before

As May marks National Walking Month, Populus finds Saga respondents are walking more, while research is published linking exercise with improved brain power.

Populus Perspective   |   May 17

Most Noticed Business News Stories in April

In the month that the US weighed into Syria, Theresa May called a snap election and Brexit rumbled on, Tesco's and United Airlines were most noticed in the world of business in April.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Apr 17

Trumping Brexit

Donald Trump will complete his first 100 days in office on Saturday. Regardless of how critical the media is towards him, Trump has dominated news recall not just in the US, but in the UK as well. Read on for more analysis of the President's eventful first 100 days.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Apr 17

Populus polling analysis of the French election

Read on for Populus’ thoughtful polling analysis written by James Kanagasooriam and Claudia Chwalisz on the eve of the first round of the presidential election.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Apr 17

Parliament's Flower Garden

It's National Gardening Week, but what flower would MPs plant to celebrate? Populus asked 100 MPs what their top flower would be. Their responses are an insight into MPs' attitudes towards the future of the UK.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Apr 17

Conservative voters want a Green Brexit

As the dust settles on PM Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50 last week, attention turns to how leaving the EU affects existing regulations. A recent Populus poll finds significant majorities of Conservatives want EU environmental regulations to be maintained or strengthened.

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