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Reputation & Strategy   |   Feb 17

Business rate divide mirrors that of Brexit

Populus analytics expert James Kanagasooriam discusses the link between business rates and the outcomes of the Brexit vote.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Feb 17

Six rules that explain why things go viral

From the latest ‘shocking video’, to new ‘heart-warming stories’, or celebrities, business leaders, and politicians ‘speaking out’, the stories that trend, go viral, and capture attention on social media change constantly.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Feb 17

Most noticed business news stories in January

The most memorable business news story by far in January was Tesco's surprise £3.7bn takeover of Booker to form the largest food company in the UK.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Feb 17

Why the HBOS fraud verdict is an opportunity for banks

Reputation expert David Racadio discusses why banks must use occasions like this to publicly acknowledge their past misconduct - and apologise for it.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jan 17

Brexit and Trump: Explaining 2016’s political revolutions

When it comes to political shocks, 2016 will be remembered as a monumental year. In this article, Populus experts reveal the economic, cultural and political factors that drove voters towards Brexit and Trump.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Dec 16

How do MPs think David Cameron’s record as Prime Minister will go down in history?

MPs are divided with regards to how David Cameron’s record in Prime Minister will go down in history, according to recent Populus MP Panel research.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Dec 16

What do MPs consider to be David Cameron's governments biggest achievements?

Conservative MPs consider economic recovery to be the most laudable achievement of David Cameron’s governments, but what do Labour MPs think?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Dec 16

What 2016 has taught us about corporate reputation

The public demanded change in 2016. The question for businesses now is how should they respond? What can they do to avoid a tangle of red tape and very public inquests into their behaviour?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Dec 16

“On warning”: why businesses must improve their reputations

What does the public think about business? What are the risks if businesses do not improve their reputations? These are the questions we answer in our latest report on corporate reputation.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Dec 16

Is GB Energy’s closure a bad omen for the energy sector?

The closure of GB Energy has been swiftly handled by industry regulator Ofgem, but is the incident an early indication of a looming reputation crisis for the energy sector?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Nov 16

How did the polls get it so wrong - again?

Featured in The Times Red Box, Populus's Head of Analytics James Kanagasooriam discusses why so few state polls managed to put Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in the US presidential campaign.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Nov 16

Tesco Bank's response to security breach leaves much to be desired

Populus reputation expert Laurence Stellings discusses why Tesco Bank needs to up its comms game if it is to protect its reputation.

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