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Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 17

Mapping Conservative-Labour Vote Share in England and Wales

Our Head of Analytics James Kanagasooriam looked at the general election result in England and Wales, and created, using multi-variate regression a model which maps where Conservative support is strongest (blue) and weakest (red) throughout England and Wales.

Populus Perspective   |   Jun 17

Reputation in Sport

Following the independent report into British Cycling's working culture and its subsequent media coverage this week, Populus takes a closer look at the role of reputation in sport.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 17

How can banks help consumers with mental health conditions and their carers?

Populus research finds that consumers with mental health conditions and their carers are resorting to risky workarounds to manage the financial implications of living with mental illness.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 17

How can governments involve citizens in decisions?

Claudia Chwalisz makes the case that adding informed citizen voices to the heart of public decision-making leads to more effective policies in her new book, The People's Verdict.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 17

French Legislative Elections 2017: First Round Analysis

Read analysis by Matthew Elliott and Claudia Chwalisz of the first round of voting in the French legislative elections, where turnout reached a record low.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jun 17

Most Noticed Business News Stories in May

Current affairs stories are not just overtaking business news stories, they are actually pushing business news out of peoples’ minds. So, what does the falling ‘mindshare’ of business news, mean for corporate reputation?

Populus Perspective   |   Jun 17

The 2017 generation gap: How the parties are viewed differently by different age groups

What are the differences between old and young in 2014 and 2017, and how has the polarisation of views has become so much starker over the past three years?

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Then and Now: How does party performance and lead on attributes compare?

Populus's latest research explores public views on the two main parties' attributes. Who is seen as willing to take tough decisions for the long-term and who is viewed as standing for fairness? And how does this compare with the last general election?

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Protecting reputation during a crisis

McDonald's and Walkers are the latest brands to have faced a crisis in recent weeks. Laurence Stellings explores what makes a good crisis response and what brands can do to protect themselves.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Populus research paves the way for Liverpool FC’s new supporter engagement process

In the week Liverpool took an important step towards further competitive honours by securing Champions League football next season, the Club also launched a new supporter engagement model based on Populus research.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

Growing engagement with the general election

Our ongoing campaign tracker, which reveals the policies, speeches, slogans and campaign events that the public have noticed, shows gradually growing engagement with the General Election.

Reputation & Strategy   |   May 17

"For the many, not the few": The Labour Party manifesto and the attitudes that lie behind it

Populus delves into the attitudes behind the Labour party manifesto announced on Wednesday, drawing upon recent research to analyse Labour and its relationship with big business.

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