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Reputation & Strategy   |   Sep 17

When is corporate tax a problem for corporate reputation?

Amazon and eBay executives were last week facing accusations by MPs of selling products in the UK without paying VAT. Populus's Director of Corporate Reputation Research, Ben Lloyd, explores how damaging such accusations can be when it comes to reputation.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Sep 17

A brief guide to the German election: Merkel's coalition crossroads

Populus consultant Claudia Chwalisz has co-written a guide to understanding the German election with the Legatum Institute's Matthew Elliott. With six parties set to enter parliament, and following the Brexit vote and Donald Trump's election last year, it also explores why populism has failed to take off in Germany.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Sep 17

Most Noticed Business News Stories in August

Recall of business news stories has been low during the summer holiday season. One of the most noticed is the long-running pension crisis at Tata Steel. Read David Racadio's analysis of the pensions deal which has ramifications for pensioners, steelworkers, Tata and the Government.

Populus Perspective   |   Aug 17

The “unacceptable face of capitalism” leads Theresa May down the interventionist path

Populus's Owen Thomas explores the main corporate reputation challenges facing UK companies as a result of recent announcements of the government’s plan to “tackle the unacceptable face of capitalism”. How could these policies impact business reputations?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Aug 17

Who do MPs think will be their next party leader?

The Populus MP panel finds that Conservative MPs predict that Boris Johnson will be the next leader of the Conservative Party and Labour MPs envisage Keir Starmer as the next leader of the Labour Party.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Aug 17

Most noticed business news stories in July

Boots and Deliveroo were among some of the most noticed in the world of business in July. How does company reputation impact on public recall of business stories?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Aug 17

July on Social Media

Every day Populus tracks the biggest British hashtags, trends and topics online. Read this month's insight into what the country is talking about, watching, and searching for.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 17

Why reputation is more important than ever in the competitive airline industry

What impact can high-profile reputational events have on brands in the competitive airline industry? Populus's Ben Lloyd explores the reality of airlines' reputational challenges.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 17

Analysing SNP performance at the general election

Populus's Head of Analytics James Kanagasooriam provides analysis of the SNP's performance in June's general election, which saw the party's share of the vote fall from 50% to 36.9%.

Populus Perspective   |   Jul 17

Can Sports Direct really turn around its reputation and become the "Selfridges of sports"?

Sports Direct's new CFO, an aim of 5-15% growth in the next financial year and subsequent jump in shares sparked optimism. However, Populus's research shows that the company has a long way to go to meet its aim of becoming the "Selfridges of sports".

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 17

Citizen engagement in politics and policymaking

View Populus’s Claudia Chwalisz's report on behalf of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy about citizen engagement in politics and policymaking, which was presented to a delegation of Ukrainian MPs in Kiev.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 17

Populus research highlights awareness of charities and charity regulation

Populus research commissioned by the Charity Commission for England and Wales explores trust and confidence in the Charity Commission, updating findings from 2015.

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