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Omnibus   |   Oct 17

Populus research uncovers the extent of the pensions ticking time-bomb

Populus research commissioned by Wealth Wizards published last month highlights the paralysing lack of pensions awareness among the general public. Over a fifth (22%) are unaware that there had been any change to pension legislation at all in the last 12 months.

Omnibus   |   Sep 17

Populus research finds appetite for cleaner, greener homes

Populus research published in a new report by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) finds that there is an appetite among the UK public for greener homes, particularly when it offers energy savings.

Omnibus   |   Sep 17

What can market research tell us about the future of technology?

Would you get into an un-manned drone taxi? Or go on a date with a robot? Populus research commissioned by the founders of London Tech Week explores what the UK public thinks about the future of technology.

Omnibus   |   Aug 17

Populus research reveals the parking pitfalls at summer events

The upcoming bank holiday weekend will see many people take to the roads on trips and getaways. But Populus research shows almost half of drivers will struggle with parking problems at summer event and festivals.

Omnibus   |   Aug 17

The men in mental health

News this week of Mind's study finding men are more likely to experience work-related mental health problems comes as a number of high-profile figures speak out about their own experiences. What does the research so far tell us about men's mental health?

Omnibus   |   Aug 17

Populus research shows poor foreign language skills are leaving British holiday-makers lost in translation

It's the time of the year that sees many of us set off on summer holidays. But Populus research shows that around half of UK holiday-makers struggle with their poor foreign language skills.

Omnibus   |   Jul 17

The Plastic Backlash

Populus research finds that 91% of the UK public support the introduction of a Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets. Has the plastic backlash begun?

Omnibus   |   Jul 17

Populus research reveals the unique challenges facing the “sandwich generation”

An entire generation is ‘sandwiched’ between helping their children and caring for their elderly parents, according to Populus research for Wealth Wizards.

Omnibus   |   Jun 17

Who does the UK public trust when it comes to diet and nutrition advice?

Populus research for the British Dietetic Association finds 40% of the UK public have considered or tried a fad diet for weight loss. But who does the UK public trust when it comes to diet and nutrition advice?

Omnibus   |   Jun 17

What do consumers expect from banks’ conservation policies?

New Populus research shows 66% of consumers expect banks to have environmentally responsible policies in place. How can the financial services sector harness this insight?

Omnibus   |   May 17

Mental health under the spotlight

Mental Health Awareness Week: Populus research finds 24% agreed that hearing accounts about mental health from people in the public eye helped them to feel less alone.

Omnibus   |   Apr 17

Could greener, cleaner roads be the future of the automotive sector?

As news broke today of Tesla's recall of more than 50,00 cars, recent AA-Populus poll reveals an increasing interest in zero and low emission vehicles among UK public.

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