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Business & Consumer Insight   |   Aug 17

What are the challenges facing water companies in ensuring a resilient future supply?

Populus research shows 85% of the UK public think individuals should do more to reduce water wastage at home. How can the water industry engage consumers? And what are the challenges?

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Aug 17

The Smart Meter Effect: How smart meters are changing UK homes for the better

Populus research published on behalf of Smart Energy GB shows that people who own smart meters become more energy efficient.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Jul 17

Testing O2 Stores with VR


Business & Consumer Insight   |   May 17

How much do we trust technology?

New qualitative research by Populus in HSBC's new report 'Trust in Technology', explores how we really feel about technological advancements, particularly in financial services, and offers insights for policy makers and brands on how to make the most of it.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Jan 17

What next for publishers?

A Populus perspective on how publishers can address the ultimate challenge; getting their product into the hands of potential readers.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Nov 16

Challenging the rugby fan stereotype

Now that the rugby autumn internationals are well underway, we thought we’d do a quick investigation into the types of people that will be tuning into the games over the next few weeks.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Aug 16

Smart meters: the verdict

The latest Smart Energy Outlook survey for Smart Energy GB, the campaign for the UK smart meter rollout, reveals 79% of people would recommend a smart meter to others.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Jul 16

Qualitative insights breathe new life into print industry

Traditional print journalism may be facing many existential challenges, but our research has revealed a number of simple steps that publications can take to safeguard their future.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Jul 16

Transport Focus


Business & Consumer Insight   |   May 16

Price, service and switching: the truth about energy customer behaviour

In our latest research report ‘The sluggish, the savvy and the downright promiscuous – the truth about energy customer behaviour’, we explore how factors like service, price and incentives affect energy supplier loyalty and to what extent.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Feb 16

Johnston Press


Business & Consumer Insight   |   Jan 16

Connect with delayed passengers in real time using social media and app-based research

In partnership with Transport Focus, we explore how social media can complement traditional research approaches when capturing passengers' emotional reactions to train delays.

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