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Using a bespoke mix of Products & Services, our experts are able to uncover the Critical Knowledge our clients require to improve their reputation, devise successful campaign strategies and shape communications that truly resonate with their target audiences.

War Book

A Populus Warbook – to borrow the terminology of political campaigns – is a succinct summary of your reputation and outlines the strategy to improve it. It is evidence-led, concise and candid. It directly provides Critical Knowledge for non-researchers at board level to ensure our clients’ communications and messages are aligned with their strategic objectives and informed by a precise understanding of key attitudes and opinion.

Bespoke Stakeholder Audits

Our bespoke stakeholder audits are the most in-depth way to understand reputation with elite audiences. Every aspect of the audit – the stakeholders approached, the questions asked, the targeted markets – are tailored to your organisation, your needs, and your challenges, and often combines both qualitative and quantitative elements. By partnering with us you will receive expert strategic advice derived from intelligent discussions with the politicians, academics, journalists and other stakeholders that have the most influence on your corporate reputation.

Elite Panels

MPs, NGOs and business journalists are important to companies because their attitudes influence public opinion and shape the regulatory environment in which businesses operate.

Populus offers elite panel solutions that enable businesses in all sectors to:

    • Measure what key stakeholder audiences think of major issues that confront their industry

    • Explore the attitudes of these influential groups towards the issues that companies face

    • Test the effectiveness of key messages

Download the Elite Panel Information 2018

MP Panel

Consisting of 250 MPs from all main political parties, the MP panel is essential for organisations and individuals who need to understand and influence parliamentary opinion. The panel is run six times per year and guarantees 100+ responses. Please see the Elite Panel Schedule 2018 for timings and costs.

Industry Studies

Our sector specific studies are conducted among the key politicians, journalists, advocacy groups and NGOs with a direct impact on the industry in question. Subscribers are able to understand their corporate reputation and learn how to overcome their industry’s challenges by translating the opinions of the 100 most relevant elite stakeholders into strategic advice and positive action. By personalising a section of the survey, you will also gain insight into attitudes to your business, helping you to achieve your own specific reputation and performance objectives.

Deliberative Events

These interactive half or full-day workshops deliver a deeper level of insight than it is possible to achieve in a standard focus group. Our research, communication and event planning experts use a dynamic mix of techniques including video, audio, panel discussions, presentations and live voting to take key audiences through a complex series of arguments – where all sides of a debate can be presented, competing arguments can be tested, witnesses examined, and facts scrutinised. These events uncover essential quality insight that can be translated into positive business and campaigning decisions.

Citizens councils: Adding informed citizen voices to public decision-making

Citizens Councils are an innovative form of public consultation, helping public bodies gain the legitimacy to act on difficult decisions. They consist of up to 50 randomly selected citizens who meet numerous times over two to three months to advise public bodies on a specific policy dilemma. Participants learn in-depth about a complex topic, hear from leading experts and relevant stakeholders, and deliberate with one another to find common ground and report their public judgement back to public bodies.

Download more information about our Citizens Councils offering.

Data Analytics

Populus’s analytics team engage and utilise the key methods and products used across the market research and political worlds. These include regression analysis and key drivers, k-class and latent class segmentations, conjoint and max-diff design and computation, TURF analysis, factor analysis, principal component analysis, discriminant analysis and index creations. Our team utilise state of the art software and work directly with our data processing team (Populus Data Solutions) to bring you statistical analysis that is robust, relevant and bespoke to your needs.


Be it through video diaries or in-home workshops, ethnographic research gets our clients as close as possible to their key audiences. Exploring attitudes and behaviours from the point of view of the research participant offers a uniquely authentic insight into how and why they think and act as they do. We conduct ethnographic studies across the world, with our expert project design and analysis providing our clients with impactful visual outputs for both internal and external stakeholders.

Social Listening

Social media plays a significant role in forming reputations – and in any strategy to improve a reputation. Using a range of tools, we can monitor and make sense of how influential figures talk about you online. We map and visualise the connections between you, your friends and critics, and identify opportunities to engage existing connections and connect with relevant new stakeholders and groups. We advise on how to use social media as part of a wider, consistent strategy to improve reputation.

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