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Many of the insights uncovered by our research feature in the Press, including key industry publications, helping to generate great publicity for our clients and raise awareness of the issues that matter most to them.

7th December 2016

Insurance Post

Nine out of 10 motorists demand more action on cold calling

More than 9 in 10 motorists believe the government should take a tougher line on personal injury cold calling according to an AA Populus survey.

3rd December 2016

Market Business News

Large trust gap between UK workers and their employers

Populus poll for the Social Market Foundation reveals 89% of workers say trusting the company they work for is important for job satisfaction, yet only 65% actually do so.

14th November 2016

The Times Red Box

How did the polls get it so wrong - again?

Populus's Head of Analytics James Kanagasooriam discusses why state polls failed to put Trump ahead.

8th November 2016

Jewish News Online

Brits turn their backs on Israel boycotts

Populus survey for BICOM reveals dramatic rise in number of Brits choosing to boycott Israel.

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