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Many of the insights uncovered by our research feature in the Press, including key industry publications, helping to generate great publicity for our clients and raise awareness of the issues that matter most to them.

10th August 2017

The Herald

Survey finds football to be least honest sport

According to a Populus survey commissioned by Portland, football was labelled the least trustworthy of 12 sports on issues such as match-fixing, doping, and financial corruption.

9th August 2017

Which? News

Nine in ten people hit by email scams every month

Research found that more than half of people are getting as many as five scam emails a month in their inbox, with many claiming to be from trusted services and legitimate brands.

9th August 2017

Mobile Marketing

Drivers would still choose to pay for parking by cash than mobile

According to a survey of more than 16,000 AA members, majority of drivers would still rather use the cash option for parking payment. In addition, 70 per cent of drivers also say they are sceptical about using the systems due to administration fees. Despite this, 64 per cent admitted it is often a challenge to find the right change for parking on machines that do not give change.

4th August 2017

Yahoo News

Brits abroad embarrassed by their lack of language skills

Almost half of Brits who holiday abroad feel embarrassed by their inability to speak the local lingo.

26th July 2017

The Grocer

Plastic-free supermarket aisles backed by 91% of shoppers

More than 90% of people in the UK would welcome a 'plastic-free' aisle as a measure to reducing the amount of packaging used in supermarkets.

8th July 2017

The Express

Are all-inclusive holidays REALLY cheaper? The difference could save over £400

Britons heading to the popular destination of Majorca found similar savings of 24 per cent when compared to a bed and breakfast deal.

The survey, which analysed 2,000 travellers by specialist Populus also found that families admitted to overspending when everything wasn’t included in a holiday package.

11th May 2017

New Statesman

Politicians should commit to making all work "good work"

Research published by Populus and the RSA this week shows three out of four people think we should do more as country to improve the quality of work.

22nd March 2017

The Express

Diesel cars desirability has dropped significantly in 2016 according to new research

UK motorists' appetite for diesel cars dropped from 23% in 2014 to 18% in 2016, according to new research by AA Cars.

15th March 2017

Fleet News

Low tyre pressures put millions of drivers at risk

An AA-Populus poll finds that one in four drivers could be posing a serious risk to themselves and others by heading out on potentially underinflated tyres

17th January 2017


Nearly 10% of elderly people 'fear for health' amid high energy costs

According to research for comparethemarket.com, just 36% of over 65s say they could "definitely afford" and increase in energy prices.

9th January 2017

Fleet News

More than half of drivers will drive less or more economically, says the AA

The most common New Year's Driving resolution made by drivers was to walk more, according to an AA Populus survey.

5th January 2017


Parents think Mandarin is most useful language for children, survey says

51% of parents say learning Mandarin will boost their child's career prospects according to survey commissioned by the Mandarin Excellence Programme.

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