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Many of the insights uncovered by our research feature in the Press, including key industry publications, helping to generate great publicity for our clients and raise awareness of the issues that matter most to them.

9th October 2017

Forecourt Trader

ACS welcomes findings of new report on recycling

Research conducted by Populus on behalf of ACS in March of this year showed that 70% of consumers favour their existing household collections over other methods of recycling such as deposit return schemes.

9th October 2017

24 Housing

Nearly half of UK adults feel homelessness is housing’s big issue

Nearly half (45%) of British adults feel that homelessness is the biggest issue in UK housing, according to a new poll carried out by Populus for Social Housing enterprise Home Connections.

2nd October 2017

The Independent

Jeremy Corbyn is most trusted party leader to safeguard pensions, new survey reveals

The study, conducted by consumer research group Populus last month and commissioned by the PMI, showed that 26 per cent of the 2,000 people questioned deemed the Labour leader to be the most trustworthy.

29th September 2017

Yahoo! News

Third of young people say their mental health has deteriorated since Brexit vote, survey shows

The findings, carried out by Populus for charity the Young Women’s Trust, have prompted concerns that youthful optimism has been replaced by worry and anxiety due to financial troubles and uncertainty about the future.

29th September 2017

New Statesman

Has public opinion really shifted to the left?

RIP capitalism, you had a good run. That seems to be the verdict of a new report by the centre-right Legatum Institute, chock-full of interesting polling from Populus.

28th September 2017

FT Advisor

Debt means Brits face affordability squeeze


The findings are based on a random sample of 2,095 UK adults aged 18 and over who were interviewed by Populus between 22-23 May 2017.

25th September 2017

Lancashire Post

Lancashire drivers warned they are dicing with death

These results are part of an AA-Populus survey of 19,308 drivers which shows that, despite extensive publicity following increased penalties introduced on March 1st, more needs to be done to change attitudes and reduce the number of deaths caused by distracted drivers.

25th August 2017

Only Motors

Festival go-ers who lose their cars

It has been revealed by Populus research that 46 per cent of drivers look for a memorable landmark at the end of the row.

25th August 2017

The Drum

Optimising the in-store experience: What we have learned from virtual reality in market research

Market research has been guiding business decisions for decades. The launch of the first UK Virtual Reality research panel offers a different perspective.

25th August 2017


Drivers aged between 18 and 24 most likely to own an EV

According to an AA-Populus study of more than 16,5002 drivers, young drivers are least likely to worry about charging and other barriers to owning an electric vehicle.

23rd August 2017

My News Desk

Prague revealed as best value city break for culture vultures

Omnibus research for Post Office Travel Money by Populus (April 2017) among 2,081 UK adults, found that almost half (1,009) are regular city break holidaymakers. Of these, 39 per cent said the key reason for visiting a city was for a cultural break. 43 per cent said that good museums and galleries were a destination decider.

12th August 2017

One World

World Elephant Day call for UK to end to illegal ivory trade

Populus research for WWF found that three quarters of the British public want the UK Government to ban the ivory trade. Populus surveyed 2064 UK adults in July 2017.

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