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Tottenham Hotspur Y-Word Fan Consultation

Fieldwork date:2013-10-18 - 2013-10-25

Published By: Tottenham Hotspur

This poll covered fans’ views on use of the y-word


Populus consulted 11,389 Tottenham Hotspur FC fans online between Friday 18 October and Friday 25 October 2013. All the fans invited to take part in the consultation were season ticket holders, match attending club members, or non-match attending club members.


The consultation:


  • asked a series of demographic questions designed to profile respondents
  • presented a variety of publically articulated arguments and views on the use of the y-word
  • gave fans the opportunity to write a free text response detailingtheir own views on the y-word


Populus used the following methodology to provide an analysis of these open-ended responses:


  • Populus took a random subsample of 1,025 responses from the total non-Jewish response set, as well as the full Jewish response set (1,135 responses).
  • By reading through the responses Populus devised a codeframe which listed the most common views and arguments within each of these two response samples.
  • Populus then counted the number of times these views and arguments appeared within each of the two response samples.
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