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The i-Generation (18-30 year olds)

Fieldwork date:2004-08-12 - 2004-08-21

Published By: The Times

The poll covered the following issues: Personal Background (Marital Status, Upbringing and Others); Trust in Police and Legal System (Split Sample); Attitudes towards Fighting for Country; Attitudes towards British Society; Subjective Analysis of Peer Group Behavior; Attitudes towards the Legal Status of Drugs; Attitudes towards Financial Issues and Debt; Attitudes towards Race Issues; Moral, Ethical and Religious Views; Attitudes toward Own Appearance, Cosmetic Surgery and Dieting; Attitudes towards Education Issues; Attitudes toward Parental Relationships and Child Rearing; Civic Volunteerism; Attitudes towards Blair; Voting Intention.

Populus interviewed a random sample of 1,004 adults aged 18+ by telephone between 13th August 2004 and 22nd August 2004. Interviews were conducted across England and the results have been weighted to be representative of all English adults.

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