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Nuclear Deterrent

Fieldwork: February 21st 2007 - February 22nd 2007

published by More 4 News

The government is currently considering whether to replace Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system. The government estimates that this would cost around 20 billion and they claim we need to decide now in order to still have nuclear weapons in 20 years time. Which of the following statements comes closest to your view?

Britain should have the best possible independent nuclear deterrent even if it does cost 20 billion24%
Britain should keep the current nuclear weapons but we shouldn't commit now to having new nuclear weapons in 20 years time24%
During the Cold War it was important to have nuclear weapons, but times have changed and we should get rid of them now19%
Britain does not need nuclear weapons now and should never have had them in the first place29%

Who should take the final decision on whether or not Britain should replace the Trident nuclear weapons system?

A public referendum51%
The Cabinet8%
The Prime Minister7%

Which of the following do you think is the greatest threat to security of the UK now? And in 20 years' time?

 NowIn 20 years' time
North Korea2%3%
Climate change36%58%