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The Smart Meter Effect: How smart meters are changing UK homes for the better

Do you know how much energy you’ve used this month? And have you taken steps to reduce it?

There are lots of ways to reduce energy use and save money on bills. One device in particular has begun to transform UK households.

The smart meter, designed to replace the traditional meters that many of us have in our homes, enables accurate bills and can show real-time energy use information in pounds and pence.

Populus research published on behalf of Smart Energy GB suggests that its benefits may reach even further, with evidence showing that people who own smart meters become more energy efficient.

The research reveals that more than 8 in 10 (85 per cent) of smart meter owners have changed the way they do things around the house to use less energy.

Nearly two in three (63%) smart meter owners have investigated the ways in which they could use less energy. Importantly, more than half (56%) of those with a smart meter in the home have gone one step further and made actual changes to their house in order to be more energy efficient.

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive of Smart Energy GB, said:

“These results show that smart meters are helping millions of households to get their gas and electricity under control. People with smart meters understand what they need to do and are changing their behaviour to save energy.

“With so many consumers using their smart meters to use less energy and bring their bills down, I would urge people to contact their energy supplier about installing their smart meter.”

The country is on the cusp of a technology upgrade. Significantly, research suggests that it looks set to impact the way we think and feel about energy use. The evidence shows its potential to change our homes, and behaviours, for the better.

Research is a vital part of better understanding the UK public’s behaviours regarding energy use as the sector evolves. Discover more about Populus’ Business and Consumer Insight solutions.

View Smart energy GB’s new report: Smart meters and energy usage: a survey of energy behaviour before and after upgrading to a smart meter


The research was carried out for Smart Energy GB by Populus who surveyed 2,557 adults in November 2016 about their energy use. The full report can be read at [link].

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