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The Plastic Backlash

The tide, it appears, is beginning to turn when it comes to plastic. First came the Environmental Secretary Michael Gove’s announcement of the move to ban microbeads in the UK. Now, market research by Populus finds an overwhelming majority of the UK public support Plastic Free Aisles.

Populus research commissioned by Higginson PR on behalf of A Plastic Planet, shows that 91% of the UK public support the idea of having an entire aisle dedicated to the sale of products free of plastic packaging.

Support was highest in the North East, where 96% of survey respondents backed the move.

Separately, four-in-five (81%) of those asked said that they were concerned ‘about the amount of plastic packaging that is thrown away in the UK’. Respondents in Wales reported the most concern (86%) about the amount of packaging thrown away.

A Plastic Planet Co-Founder Sian Sutherland said:

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Great British Public wants a fresh alternative to goods laden with plastic packaging. Too much of our plastic waste ends up in oceans and landfill.

“Consumer demand for products that generate less plastic waste is higher than ever. A Plastic Free Aisle would help supermarkets meet the needs of shoppers who are fed up of buying products covered with layer after layer of throwaway plastic. For years we’ve been able to buy gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free, so why no plastic free?”

There is mounting evidence of environmental harm caused by plastic waste. Professor Hilary Kennedy of Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences said:

“There is a growing body of evidence that plastic waste poses a global challenge, directly affecting marine life and ecosystems. A Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets would help encourage a reduction in the amount of plastic waste being dumped in our environment.”

A Plastic Planet is a grassroots campaign group which launched in March this year. The campaign aims to highlight the growing plastic crisis that threatens both the environment and human health.

Populus delivers the Critical Knowledge that brands need to better understand the world around us. Find out more about Populus’s Solutions by calling +44 [0]20 7253 9900.

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