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What are consumer attitudes towards bank fraud?

The recent cyber attacks on major firms in Eastern Europe, the UK parliament and the NHS are just a few recent examples of the importance of cyber security.

Banks too, are at risk. Last year Tesco Bank was hit by one of the largest ever cyber-attacks, with experts warning that more are imminent. The public too is aware of the threat with one-third (33%) of the UK public admitting that they believe they are likely to fall victim to this within the next five years. This is twice as many people than those who expect to have their home burgled (16%) or be the victim of a violent crime (12%).(1)

Populus’s latest research published in our financial whitepaper Inevitable or Preventable? Consumer attitudes to financial fraud and the implications for banks explores the customer attitudes and behaviours in detail, using new segmentation.

Who are these consumer types? Which ones pose a threat, and which represent opportunities? And how should banks be engaging with their customers about the threat of bank fraud?


View the full financial whitepaper here


Consumer research is a crucial part of understanding the world around us. Populus gives brands, companies and institutions a sophisticated understanding of their markets and audiences, delivering Critical Knowledge across political, reputation, corporate and consumer research. Find out more about our Solutions by calling 020 7253 9900.

(1) Populus interviewed a nationally representative sample of 2045 GB adults (18+) online between 1 – 2 February 2017.

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