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March on social media

Every day Populus tracks the biggest British hashtags or trends on Twitter, the most watched video on YouTube, and the most searched for term on Google. We keep a regular eye too on major trends on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere.

The result is insight into what the country is talking about, watching, and searching for.

Tragedy at Westminster

News of the #WestminsterAttack reverberated across social media following the tragic events which sent Westminster into lockdown, resulting in it being the most noticed news story of that week (with 79% of the public citing it as their most noticed news story). Social media became a place for unity and regrouping in the days that followed with #WeStandTogether (a national community led initiative promoting respect and tolerance) appearing as one of the most Tweeted stories of its day.

UK Politics continues to trend

The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s #Budget2017 was swiftly and perhaps slightly awkwardly followed by the National Insurance U-Turn, both making it into that week’s most noticed news stories respectively.

On Wednesdays and Sundays, #PMQs and #Marr are regularly among the most Tweeted stories of their days.

The month that saw Prime Minister Theresa May officially trigger Article 50 understandably saw social media awash with political debate. As a result, #BrexitDay, #GreatRepealBill and #IndyRef2 were all among the most Tweeted stories of their days.

The Daily Mail’s coverage of the meeting of the Prime Minster and Scottish First Minister led to its (in)famous #Legsit front page, which was one of the most Tweeted stories of its day.

Article 50 was also one of the most searched for trends on Google in the last week of the month suggesting the public still has questions. Our research on what a ‘good Brexit’ looks like suggests the public have found few answers so far. You can read more here.

Sports comes top

Football was, again, one of the month’s most noticed news stories. March saw long-standing rivals Celtic v Rangers’ clash while Manchester United was one of Google’s most searched for terms following an unbeaten Premier League run.

Rio Ferdinand was in the top most noticed news stories and most searched for on Google in the same week that his powerful documentary – ‘Being Mum and Dad’ – aired.

On a lighter note
Social media observed #InternationalWomensDay, #NationalPuppyDay and #InternationalDayofHappiness (all among the most Tweeted of their respective days) and finally, #BeforeTheInternetExisted trended, reminding us what it was we did before all of this.

Laurence Stellings

Laurence is a corporate reputation expert who is primarily focused on helping clients to develop and implement evidence-based strategies to best communicate their messages, manage their reputations and understand their key audiences.

Many well-established corporate clients such as Asda, Google, Sky, and RBS, as well as public bodies like the BBC and The Charity Commission and several political parties and campaigns have benefited from Laurence’s strategic counsel and expertise in a wide range of research techniques including stakeholder audits, key driver and segmentation analysis, political polling, and deliberative events.

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