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Which new MPs have most impressed their colleagues since the 2015 election?

Last month marked a year since the 2015 General Election. Though the 2015 Election did not see as high a level of turnover as in 2010, a substantial number of new MPs – 182 – were elected to the House. The composition of the House changed significantly, particularly given the ascension of the Scottish National Party to the position of third party, in place of the Liberal Democrats.

But which of the 182 new MPs has made the biggest contribution to the House so far? We asked their fellow Members on the Populus MP Panel to tell us.

According to this recent Populus MP Panel research, MPs believe that Wes Streeting has made the most impressive contribution to the House so far. He is named by one-in-ten (10%) MPs and amongst colleagues within his own party, this rises to one-in-five (21%). The Member for Ilford North – a Labour MP – is amongst the more active Members of the House. The number of debates he has spoken in, and answers he has received to written questions since the election, are above average amongst MPs, and his participation in votes is average amongst his colleagues.[1]

Johnny Mercer receives the second highest number of mentions. The Member for Plymouth Moor View – a Conservative MP – is named by nearly one-in-ten (8%) MPs, rising to 14% of MPs in his party.

Mhairi Black receives the third highest number of mentions. The Member for Paisley and Renfrewshire South is part of the new intake of Scottish National Party MPs, is the youngest Member in the House of Commons, and her Maiden speech became a viral hit last May. Ms Black is named as having made the most impressive contribution to the House so far by 7% of MPs.

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[1] http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/25320/wes_streeting/ilford_north

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