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The hidden dealbreakers ruining property sales

There are many factors that impact the desirability of a property. These include obvious dealbreakers such as location, transport links, crime and local schools; but, are there hidden issues that could get in the way of successful sales?

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Populus recently conducted omnibus research on behalf of independent property selling guide SellingUp to explore the reasons some property buyers may choose to make reduced offers or lose interest in the purchase entirely.

We asked a nationally representative sample of 1000+ GB adults to imagine that they were looking to buy a property, but they noticed it had an issue. We then asked them to rate the extent to which a variety of issues would influence their offer on the property in question.

Our findings were as follows:

Selling up table

According to the research, poor energy efficiency ratings, bad taste or outdated kitchens/bathrooms and mess are the issues most likely to cause potential buyers to reduce their offer.

Noisy neighbours, evidence of pests and rude sellers are the top three dealbreakers that could cause buyers to lose interest entirely.

To read the full article and to find out which issues property buyers are willing to overlook, visit the SellingUp website: http://www.sellingup.com/property-buying-dealbreakers-survey


David Racadio

David is responsible for Populus's industry studies, which help clients in a range of sectors, including banking, insurance, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and retail, to benchmark their corporate reputations and understand the attitudes of key stakeholders that impact on their industry.

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