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Populus was formed with a simple idea in mind: in order
to succeed, organisations, businesses and brands must first understand what matters most to the people who matter
most to them.

Reputation & Strategy   |   July 18

Majority of MPs support the legalisation of cannabis for medical use

The majority of MPs (61%) support the legalisation of cannabis for medical use only, according to new Populus research. It shows that a relaxation of the law surrounding the use of cannabis for medical use is likely to have widespread support in the House of Commons.

Reputation & Strategy   |   June 18

FTSE commitment to responsible business must avoid perception of 'greenwashing'

Populus analysis has found that 85% of FTSE 100 businesses explicitly refer to sustainability, corporate responsibility or similar issues on the front page of their corporate websites. Populus's Owen Thomas explores the growing importance, challenges and rewards of implementing a CSR strategy.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   June 18

Implicit response testing shows public views of chocolate brands

Populus research into the confectionery sector offers a case study of our award-winning implicit response testing methodology. Find out more about both the principles and their applications.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   May 18

What do customers want from an energy provider?

Populus's Gary Muncaster spoke at Utility Week Live in May 2018 on the key expectations customers have of their energy supplier in the context of an industry in which expectations are ever higher, and trust in the sector is low. This summary of some of our findings shows how providers can adapt to keep up with changing needs.

Omnibus   |   Jul 18

Populus research reveals relaxed attitudes to wills among UK public

Populus finds that 61% of British adults do not have a will. But what are their reasons for this? Our research explores whether the time and financial commitment of preparing a will is being overestimated, as well as people's willingness to leave money ito charity.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 18

Trust matters for charities in 2018

It’s been a challenging year for the charity sector. Populus research conducted on behalf of the Charity Commission explores public trust and confidence in charities in 2018. It shows that the public trust charities more than government, newspapers and private companies.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Jul 18

More believe Brexit will lead to greatest job losses than technology, according to RSA/ Populus survey

A new RSA/Populus poll gets to the heart of what job automation really means for today’s workers, finding that workers are more likely to believe the UK’s terms of exit from the EU will lead to the greatest job losses (34%), than they are to fear the effects of technology (27%).

Populus Perspective   |   Jul 18

June on Social Media

Populus provides a recap of the past month in news and social media. The World Cup featured heavily in the latter half of the month, and looks set to continue to do so as England progress to the later stages of the tournament. International news also features prominently, with Donald Trump's immigration policies and his meeting with Kim Jong-un both being recalled by a significant proportion of the public.

Populus Perspective   |   Jul 18

Which news stories captured the public's attention in June?

Populus's Will Clothier looks at what it takes to catch the public's attention, looking at their most noticed stories throughout June. The World Cup dominates the second half of the month, yet international news and Brexit still cut through.

Populus Perspective   |   Jul 18

MPs' appetite to boost the 'Sugar Tax' is growing

It will be years before we know whether or not the ‘Sugar Tax’, which came into effect in April 2018, has actually helped to stem the rising tide of obesity in the UK. Our research suggests that MPs' appetite to boost the 'Sugar Tax' is growing.

Populus Perspective   |   Jul 18

Most noticed business news stories in June 2018

Another month; another round of retail collapses and desperate corporate restructurings. Cabinet division over Brexit drags on, leaving both manufacturers and retailers struggling due to Brexit uncertainty.

Omnibus   |   Jun 18

A third of UK public suffer poor health as a result of finances

Populus, on behalf of NS&I, explores the impact of people's personal finances on their physical and mental wellbeing, looking into the detail behind how people engage with concerns over money. Which areas are most affected? And what steps could be taken to mitigate this issue?

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