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Populus was formed with a simple idea in mind: in order
to succeed, organisations, businesses and brands must first understand what matters most to the people who matter
most to them.

Omnibus   |   March 18

How are businesses preparing for GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Populus research finds varying levels of preparation among businesses across Europe, ahead of the change in the law.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   March 18

Exploring public perceptions of the gambling industry

It’s been a challenging year for the gambling sector. Populus research on behalf of the Gambling Commission finds that just a third of the population view the industry as fair, with an overall decline in gambling participation since 2016.

Populus Perspective   |   January 18

The Future of Insurance: Re-defining the sector

As consumer lifestyles continue to rapidly evolve, how should insurers communicate with consumers in a way that resonates? What can insurance learn from other sectors? And where do the biggest opportunities lie?

Reputation & Strategy   |   January 18

The rise and fall of reputation of high-street food and drink

What are the ingredients necessary to create a strong and enduring reputation for the fast food sector? Populus explores the rise and fall of reputation of high-street food and drink.

Reputation & Strategy   |   December 17

Trust in Banks: What went wrong and how to fix it

It all started with a Big Bang... This year marks a decade since the financial crash of 2008. Populus's Head of Syndicated Stakeholder Research David Racadio explores how it went wrong, and what we can learn from it.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Apr 18

Facebook Faces Reputational Impact

Facebook posts can be deleted, but the reputational impact of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the actions they prompt, cannot. With one third (36%) of those surveyed currently reviewing how their data is collected and used by Facebook, we explore the reputational impact, and compare it with others.

Omnibus   |   Apr 18

Too much information? Tech giants must do more to address consumer concerns about data

Populus research for Which? examines Facebook users' concerns about the way their data is being handled, and looks at the action being taken by users in response to the recent Cambridge Analytica / Facebook scandal.

Populus Perspective   |   Apr 18

What Impact does Populus's MP Panel have on MPs' Research into Topics?

Do MPs engage with the topics we ask them about in our monthly panel survey? We asked MPs whether they went on to research topics that came up in our survey.

Populus Perspective   |   Apr 18

The Political Stories that the Public Really Notice

Will Clothier examines whether the stories generating column inches in the Westminster bubble are also capturing the attention of the public.

Populus Perspective   |   Apr 18

March on social media

Every week Populus tracks the news stories that catch the public's attention. The Russian spy poisoning, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, and the death of Stephen Hawking are among the most noticed stories on social media this month.

Populus Perspective   |   Mar 18

Exploring Easter shopping behaviour

22% of Easter shoppers plan on having a meal at home with their family or household on Easter Sunday, according to IGD ShopperVista research carried out by Populus.

Populus Perspective   |   Mar 18

Most noticed business news stories in March

As an all-powerful, monopolised online giant suffered a catastrophic data scandal, two staples of the UK high-street quietly began to close their doors for the last time in March. Now more than ever, retailers need to slim down, understand their customer, and make sure they have the right tools to target them.

Omnibus   |   Mar 18

Populus research explores views on prison sentencing

Populus research conducted on behalf of Revolving Doors Agency shows that those surveyed in England and Wales support the notion that those with drug or alcohol addictions belong in treatment programmes, rather than prison.

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