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Populus was formed with a simple idea in mind: in order
to succeed, organisations, businesses and brands must first understand what matters most to the people who matter
most to them.

Populus Perspective   |   June 17

What are consumer attitudes towards bank fraud?

New Populus research uncovers consumer attitudes to financial fraud and the implications for banks. How can consumers protect themselves from bank fraud? And what can banks do to engage consumers about the threat?

Populus Perspective   |   July 17

Populus & Gorilla In The Room launch new Virtual Reality panel

Populus's VR panel, powered by Gorilla In The Room and Google Cardboard technology, has launched and has been used in an in-store environment.

Business & Consumer Insight   |   August 17

What are the challenges facing water companies in ensuring a resilient future supply?

Populus research shows 85% of the UK public think individuals should do more to reduce water wastage at home. How can the water industry engage consumers? And what are the challenges?

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Aug 17

The men in mental health

News this week of Mind's study finding men are more likely to experience work-related mental health problems comes as a number of high-profile figures speak out about their own experiences. What does the research so far tell us about men's mental health?

Business & Consumer Insight   |   Aug 17

The Smart Meter Effect: How smart meters are changing UK homes for the better

Populus research published on behalf of Smart Energy GB shows that people who own smart meters become more energy efficient.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Aug 17

Most noticed business news stories in July

Boots and Deliveroo were among some of the most noticed in the world of business in July. How does company reputation impact on public recall of business stories?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Aug 17

July on Social Media

Every day Populus tracks the biggest British hashtags, trends and topics online. Read this month's insight into what the country is talking about, watching, and searching for.

Omnibus   |   Aug 17

Populus research shows poor foreign language skills are leaving British holiday-makers lost in translation

It's the time of the year that sees many of us set off on summer holidays. But Populus research shows that around half of UK holiday-makers struggle with their poor foreign language skills.

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 17

Why reputation is more important than ever in the competitive airline industry

What impact can high-profile reputational events have on brands in the competitive airline industry? Populus's Ben Lloyd explores the reality of airlines' reputational challenges.

Omnibus   |   Jul 17

The Plastic Backlash

Populus research finds that 91% of the UK public support the introduction of a Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets. Has the plastic backlash begun?

Reputation & Strategy   |   Jul 17

Analysing SNP performance at the general election

Populus's Head of Analytics James Kanagasooriam provides analysis of the SNP's performance in June's general election, which saw the party's share of the vote fall from 50% to 36.9%.

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